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Michigan Fly-Outs

Check out the new Facebook group that schedules a fly-out in Michigan every month of the year. What began as a group email list among avid flyers in the Bay City area has grown to become a statewide gaggle of pilots that are looking for an excuse to fly and get together with those who share the same interest! Last year, the group took a ski flying adventure and landed on a frozen Saginaw Bay. Already this year, they met at Plainwell Airport’s Fly Inn Restaurant for lunch. Look them up at Facebook by searching “Michigan Fly-Outs” and be sure to click “Like” so you receive updates and fly-out plans. Wouldn’t it be great to combine one of these fly-outs with hopping private airstrips on the way? (With prior permission from owners, of course!) The MPAOA is always looking for ways to promote General Aviation and is planning some flying trips and fly-in participation for its members in 2016!

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